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Current sensor

It is a kind of monitoring sensor and it is possible to monitor and detect current value with high precision.

Temperature sensor

Rare earth magnet “Lanta net” featuring high energy product, ferritic magnet “Felinet” featuring high coercivity, lineup of plastic magnets excellent in processability.

Various sensors

We manufacture excellent electromagnets for industrial and experimental research by consistent design and manufacturing technology from magnetic material development. Design is characterized by individual requirements.

Ohizumi Seisakusyo

Thermistor element

We provide high reliability by thermistor element which developed and improved ceramics technology and electrode technology which we have cultivated over many years.

MNR Varistor

Ideal for the following applications.
Protection against instantaneous overvoltage of various semiconductors
· Protection from induced lightning surge induced in distribution lines and communication lines
· Protection against opening and closing surge by inductive load such as relay

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