Mikasa Shoji Co., Ltd.

Information Regarding ISO

Mikasa Shoji Co. Ltd., manages Nippon Denki Corp and the wide range of electronic parts and semiconductor products. All of the domestic office achieved the certifications in the international standard for environment management (ISO14001) and quality management(ISO9001). Mikasa Shoji also expands the commitment in the area of information security management (ISO/IEC27001).

ISO14001 ISO9001 ISO/IEC27001

In September 2000, Mikasa Shoji co., Ltd. received certification under the international environmental management standard ISO 14001.

In March 2006, all sales offices in Japan received certification under the international quality management standard ISO 9001. In December 2009, we received certification under the international information-security management standard ISO / IEC 27001.

  • ISO14001:2015JQA-EM0974
    Date: Sep. 1st, 2000
    Certificate: JQA-EM0974
    *To date, headquarter office and Kyoto have received ISO 14001. Environmental Policy
  • ISO9001:2015JQA-QMA12673
    Date: Mar. 3rd, 2006
    Certificate: JQA-QMA12673
    Agency:JQA* Quality Policy
  • ISO/IEC27001:2013JQA-IM0793
    Date: Dec. 18th, 2009
    Certificate: JQA-IM0793
    *To date, headquarter office, Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and Oita have received ISO / IEC 27001. Information Security Policy

Environmental Policy

Revision 5
Jun. 24th, 2016
Senior Vice President and Executive Officer and Director
Hideki Nakanishi

Environmental Policy
Our Mission

Mikasa Shoji Co. Ltd., recognized vital importance of the protection of global environment. We are fully committed to pursue the environmental activities to protect the global environment as well as to promote the sustainable development of our society.

Our Principles
  1. We make our best effort to reduce the environmental impacts of our business activities including the energy and the resources used in the products and services.
  2. We continue to improve our environment management system to achieve our mission for the environment as well as to prevent the pollution.
  3. We comply with relevant environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements. We also continue to pursue our own environmental management.
  4. We continue to focus on waste reduction, reusing, recycling, green materials, energy efficiency and the promotion of our green products.
  5. Environmental Principal is documented, executed and maintained.
  6. We raise the environmental awareness among the employees by providing information and education for the environment.
  7. Environment Principal is open to public.

Quality Policy

Revision 4
Jun. 24th, 2016
Senior Vice President and Executive Officer and Director
Hideki Nakanishi

Quality Policy

Mikasa Shoji Co. Ltd, is dedicated to quality to deliver the products, technology and services that meet the customer's needs and requirements.

  1. We continue to enhance awareness of quality across the company to meet the regulations, legislations and customer requirements.
  2. We implement ISO9001 quality management system for continuous improvement of the quality.
  3. We set quality targets and pursue the activities to achieve them.
  4. We identify and understand customers' needs and expectations and deliver the products, technology and services on time.
  5. We secure appropriate profit and continue to develop our business.
  6. Our quality policy is shared among the employees and reviewed on a regular basis.

Information Security Policy

Revision 4
Jun. 24th, 2016
Senior Vice President and Executive Officer and Director
Hideki Nakanishi

Information Security Policy

Our mission is to contribute to the society through our sound business activities. We understand that it is essential for our mission to protect information provided by our customers and partners and the information assets that we own.

Fundamental Principles
  1. Implementation of information security management system
    We will appoint the information security management officer as well as information security committee to ensure the implementation of information security management across the organization.
  2. Review and update on information security policy
    The fundamental principles will be reviewed and improved regularly in response to the changes in the management environment, social environment, law and regulations, information technologies as well as newly identified risks.
  3. Protection of information asset
    Proper security measures will be implemented to protect and manage information that we collect and own. Preservation of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information will also be ensured.
  4. Compliance with laws and regulations
    We will comply with applicable laws and regulations and contractual requirements related to information security management.
  5. Education and promotion of awareness
    We will provide education and training in regard to information security to raise the employee awareness of the importance and the management of the information security.
  6. Business continuity management
    We will ensure business continuity during planned or unplanned disruption caused by natural disaster, system failure and misuse of information that affect normal business operations.
  7. Information security incident management
    We will respond appropriately to information security incident to minimize the impact and investigate the cause to prevent recurrence.