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Building on our strong relationships with top manufacturers, we ensure optimal cost, fast and stable supply, and continuous proposals of innovative business models.

We put our customers’ values at the forefront, providing high-value products, technology, and services. The enhancement of IoT and EVs in recent years has significantly increased the demand for electronic devices such as semiconductors.
With more than 70 years of experience in the semiconductor business and trust-based relationships with leading manufacturers, we ensure optimal cost, with rapid and stable supply.
In particular, we focus on products such as storage devices, batteries, LCDs, sensors, and camera module. With the alliance of our technical team and manufacturers, we deliver solutions that address our customers’ challenges and meet unarticulated needs.
Additionally, by utilizing our ability to generate ideas, established trust, and responsive networks both domestically and internationally, we constantly propose new business models and find the best solutions aligned with our customers’ needs.

Business Fields

Semiconductor Devices, Electronic Components,
Storage Products, Batteries, LCDs, Sensors,Camera Modules

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