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Make our future bright together

We aim for sustainable growth together
with people all over the world and
create a bright and prosperous future.

PresidentHideki Nakanishi

MIKASA SHOJI Group was founded in 1948 and has served as an electronics trading company, connecting individuals with technology. We have consistantly pursued the delivery of valuable products and services.

During this era of technological advancements and information revolution, changes in industry, society, and lifestyles are rapidly unfolding worldwide.

As an electronics trading company, the added value is recognized from sales to technical aspects and from hardware to software. In the middle of these societal currents, by fully utilizing our diverse knowledge, Mikasa aspires to be a unique corporation continuing to be the preferred choice for our clients, offering high-value solutions through both hardware and software.

Committed to contributing to the prosperity of humankind as a technology corporate group, we are deeply dedicated to collaborating with our stakeholders to achieve sustainable growth.

President Hideki Nakanishi

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