Environment Efforts

We strive to fulfill our social responsibility by ensuring that all of our employees have an earth-friendly environmental awareness and are committed to environmental conservation and improvement.

Environmental Management System

We will make continuous improvements to our environmental management system reducing the environmental impacts of our business. We have built and are maintaing and operating an environmental management systems in accodance with the international standards, ISO14001 .

Management of Chemical Substances Contained in Products

We believe that it is our corporate social responsibility to comply with laws and regulations related to chemical substances as well as voluntary regulations set by our customers and the industry. We are dedicated to eliminating hazardous chemical substances such as heavy metals from our products. In doing so, we are ensuring compliance with directives such as the RoHS, which represents the regulations on contained chemical substances, WEEE Directive, ELV Directive, REACH, among others.

Efforts to Reduce Environmental Impact in Business Activities

  • Promotion of ‘Cool Biz’ Campaign(dressing down in summer for energy conservation)
  • Initiatives for going paperless with meeting documents and internal administrative procedures
  • Initiatives for recylcling, collecting, and waste separation
  • Energy-saving initiatives
  • Initiatives for the use of FSC-certified paper