Company InformationMission Statement

Corporate Philosophy

Maintain your original intentions with sincerity.

Behave with proper etiquette and exhibit good conduct at all times.

Ensure a healthy mind and body, and work in solidarity with perseverance and courage.

Improve our technology and encourage creativity.

Strive to provide a service to the public through the company’s work.

Management Philosophy

Make our future bright together

We aim for sustainable growth together with people all over the world and create a bright and prosperous future.

Code of Conduct

We will set pride, common sense and cooperation as basic judgment criteria.

We do not forget the spirit of challenge and we work sincerely.

We will do discussion in everything.

We are always conscious of priority and cost.

Code of Ethics

Principle of Action


We shall take pride in our corporate founding spirit and conduct business activities. All employees shall be proud, and feel attached to the company and their work, as we shall provide our customers with products and services of high value of which we can be proud.

Furthermore, in order to build trustworthy relationships with stakeholders (such as customers, employees, local communities, business partners, shareholders and investors), we shall disclose mutually beneficial information in a timely, appropriate and easy-to-understand manner to facilitate smooth two-way communication.

Common sense

We shall comply with laws, regulations, and widely accepted social norms and shall act in a fair and just manner.We shall maintain sound and normal relations with politics and government and in addition, we will not engage in any conduct that violates social decency, such as engaging in activities involving individuals or organizations that adversely affect the order of society or sound corporate activities.


We shall cooperate to ensure the physical and mental health and safety of our employees including Group companies around the world.

In addition, we will continue to contribute to society through our business activities from a longterm, global perspective, and fulfill our social responsibilities by striving for cooperation and harmony with local communities.

  1. Actions toward customers and business partners
    Pursuit of customer satisfaction / Product liability / Fair business transactions
  2. Actions toward shareholders and investors
    Timely disclosure of corporate information / Accurate account processing and reporting of records
  3. Actions toward society
    Compliance / Whistle-blowing system and protection for in house whistle-blower / Compliance with insider trading regulations / Respect for intellectual property rights / Compliance with the Antimonopoly Law / Prohibition of abuse of superior position regarding business partners (compliance with the Subcontract Law) / Export control / Compliance with overseas local laws and regulations and respect for culture and customs / Fair work behavior / Measures to deal with antisocial forces / Continuation of business activities
  4. Actions for information management
    Information security / Protection of personal information
  5. Actions as a member of an organization
    Respect for the company’s assets
  6. Actions for creation of a better corporate culture
    Respect for human rights of all people, prohibition of discrimination and harassment / Utilization of human resources
  7. Actions for the environment
    Protection of the global environment
  8. Actions for social contribution
    Contribution to society

Company Information