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RFID Printer



UHF band RFID label printer with dual antenna.
As industrial application, we realized greatly improved reliability by improving workability by high speed printing and duplication of RFID data verification function!


ERF-1000 catalog




Compared to conventional models, the total time from operation execution to finish is greatly shortened. It is recommended for the site where FA, logistics, transportation, manufacturing, circulation, etc. mass concentration of labels are issued. Printing as a label printer of RF tag is possible.




High speed printing up to 250 mm / sec is realized, high speed editing / issuance of mass data is realized.
It is a body with robustness and durability to cope with harsh field conditions. Since paper tubes are not used for winding used ribbons, there is no need to separate them when discarding them.




Ideal for issuing tag with tag for apparel.
Ideal for use with single thread price with threads used in department stores, mass retailers, clothing specialty stores, apparel makers, etc.


We can not sell in areas without commercial rights. Also, we can not correspond to some languages. Please inquire from the inquiry form for confirmation.

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