Mikasa Shoji Co., Ltd.


Interface Corporation

We offer compact, high grade, long term supply, equipment compatible with each slot.

Industrial personal computer (for special vehicles etc.)
Interface module (PCI bus, PCI-E, CompactPCI)
Touch panel module


NTT Electronics

Video equipment

Video equipment equipped with excellent video quality and high performance HEVC encoder LSI (low delay codec equipment)
・HC10000E/HC11000E・・・4K/HD/SD encoder
・HC10000D/HC11000D・・HD/SD decoder
・HC10000D-4K/HC11000D-4K・・4KHD/SD decoder


Optical communication equipment

Plus repeater access series
In order to cover a wide range of applications, The Plus repeater access series has expanded its lineup pursuing ease of introduction with the concept of “multi-function”, “high reliability” and “small resource” intact.

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